The Goddess in Every Girl: Develop Your Teen Feminine Power

Excerpts & Samples

By M. J. Abadie

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT M. J. Abadie

M. J. Abadie
M. J. Abadie was a professional astrologer and psychotherapist, who did archetypal research with mythologist Joseph Campbell for over 20 years. She authored the bestselling Love Planets and Teen Astrology, and her Everything Tarot Book was placed on a Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults li More...



Helps teenage girls make direct contact with their inner Goddess energy.

• Includes guided meditations, visualizations, journaling exercises, Goddess games and rituals.

• Represents a culturally diverse selection of Goddess personifications including Egyptian, Afro-Cuban, Asian, North American, Greek, and Roman.

• Complete astrological tables for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars enable girls to find their personal goddess allies.

• Written by the author of Love Planets (more than 50,000 sold) and Teen Astrology.

In The Goddess in Every Girl, M. J. Abadie teaches teens to get in touch with their own personal Goddess energy and allies. To the young woman seeking external inspiration for her journey of self-definition, gaining a "big-picture" perspective from the feminine divine can be an incredibly validating experience. To date, though, no book on the market relates these myths of female power to the teen experience. 

In The Goddess in Every Girl, complete astrological tables for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars let girls look up their own personal goddess allies in the areas of life purpose, emotions and body awareness, love nature, and energy and passion. With more than 50 activities, such as a guided journey to the Goddess center, directions for keeping a Goddess journal, breathing exercises, meditations, and instructions on how to create a sacred ritual space, The Goddess in Every Girl shows teens how to build a personal pantheon for their own empowerment and self-transformation. 

"We were delighted by the provocative conversations and new thoughts this book initiates."
Jennifer Rotnem and Angela Lashbrook, Magical Blend, Fall 2002

"This book offers so many inviting topics that you'll never want to put it down."
Alaska Wellness, Vol. 12 No. 4

"Abadie shows teens how to make direct contact with their own Goddess energy."
The New Times, October 2002