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ABOUT Paul Disser

Paul Disser
Paul J. Disser, a 1973 graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio with degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, founded Spectrum Benefits Management Corporation, a benefits consulting company, in 1987 and still resides as the Chairman of the Board and CEO.


Wouldn’t you like answers to all of life’s questions? Like, who really built the pyramids? What happened to the body of Jesus Christ in the tomb? Who really shot JFK and what really happened at Area 51? Wouldn’t you like to know what transpired prior to 11:55 PM on 7/31/1994? Or how 9/11 really occurred? Or on a more personal level, would you like to know if your spouse was really cheating in spite of what the Private Investigator reported back to you? For the Real Answers to these and all of your nagging personal quandaries see the Proprietor at The Ultimate Sports Bar. He’ll tune to your favorite channel on any screen and have your favorite libation waiting, so you can sit back and enjoy the Show. What you are about to see is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth as you have just entered a place where only the Best are allowed.