Reign: A Chi-Town Queen Pin

General Fiction

By Ebony Sayles

Publisher : Goal Digger Publishing

ABOUT Ebony Sayles

Ebony Sayles
Malaysia Rosè A Chicago, Illinois Native Currently Pursuing A Bachelor Of Science Degree In Marketing &  Entrepreneurship. Malaysia Continues To Chase Her Dreams. Growing Up On The Streets Of Chicago Was No Joke And Only The Strongest Survive. She Has Seen & Done Her Share Comin More...



Keyosha was a girl’s worst nightmare growing up. Since birth she has been blessed with it all. The beauty, both parents, the finest of everything her father could afford and her mom could steal with a new identity.
She was born in the slum living that ghetto hood dream. 3833 South Federal, the fifth floor, apartment 505, is where she grew up. Pissy elevators, more than a hundred neighbors, music blaring at any given time of the day, and grown folks, kids hanging out everywhere throughout the buildings.
Keyosha's father was a well-known, respected, feared and a connected man. He had lawyers, judges, police and even politicians in his pockets. There were no limits when it came down to his family. Whatever they wanted they received no questions asked.
When Keyosha became old enough to fend for herself she couldn’t have imagined that this was the lifestyle she would be living. Her parents went through hell and back to provide nothing but the best for their daughter. The only thing is her over protective father and brothers can’t save her from the hood affairs. Join Key as she shoes the world how and why she is Chi-Towns Queen Pin