Hell Feels Better Than Love

Hell Feels Better Than Love

ABOUT Sheri Henry-Harrigan

Sheri Henry-Harrigan



Trinity Williams’s life has been full of disappointments and hurt from a young age. Growing up with no father and a hurtful mother crushed her spirits growing up. All she wants is to find a little happiness, but her search drags her down a dark and destructive path.

Trinity attempts to live her life, by learning as she goes along. However, the birth of her daughter is a true awakening, and she realizes she needs to implement some serious life changes. It was then she recognized that her life was not her own. She had someone else to think about and care for.

What happens when a girl grows up faster than she is supposed to? What happens when one tries to fill a void in their life and fails? What happens when a person doesn’t love themself enough to know their self-worth? That’s when hell begins to feel better than love.