Yolanda The Enchantress (Volume 1)

Yolanda The Enchantress (Volume 1)

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Lafayette Johnson



Yolanda The Enchantress. Is about the settling of the African wilderness in its simplest form; it's also a love story, one man trying to decide between two women, a willful young girl who was Zulu and a beautiful widow, settling the Congo with her brothers. Dominique de Salvo is a soldier in the Portuguese army. He is forced to capture a young African girl, and learns that she is half Spanish. Yolanda had lived with her Zulu relative all her life. Dominique is determines to take her to her Spanish relatives - if he can find them. However, Dominique also has another problem. Fiercely independent, Yolanda swore no man would conquer her proud Zulu spirit. A twist of fate carried Yolanda to a cave on the Zambezi River. She found herself helpless, at the mercy of the most arrogant man she ever met. Nothing but complete submission would satisfy him, and he knew the most unpleasant ways to make her surrender. As time passed, Yolanda found herself falling in love with him, but he wanted nothing to do with her. Yolanda is a dramatic, hair-raising adventure with extraordinary people.