The Skull Collector

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Paris Singer

Publisher : Forsaken

ABOUT Paris Singer

Paris  Singer


In a world where children are exploited, monsters are saviors, and dark magic is constantly at play, a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones. After the disappearance of her parents, a heartbroken child is sold to the Doll-Maker who promises to retrieve them. In return, she is to travel from cemetery to cemetery, unearthing graves and colleting skulls. While doing so, she must avoid the Violinist and his crows, who are determined to steal the skulls she has painstakingly gathered. As she travels across the province, with her life in constant peril from vengeful policeman to furious villagers to strange creatures, the little girl must use her wits to succeed in her macabre mission.

Be prepared to enter the world of The Skull Collector by Paris Singer, because once you step in, the darkness will be complete. Her life was filled with color and love, until her parents disappeared and she was an orphan, sold to the Doll Maker. He promised he would return her parents if she did his bidding and this is her dark and horrific story. So began her treacherous journeys in the dark to steal skulls from cemeteries so the Doll Maker could make his dolls. Her young life has become a nightmare as she steals from town to town in search of her ghoulish treasures and endures the erratic behavior of this twisted monster. Her only way to deal is to believe she will be reunited with her parents. In constant danger, she steels herself against those who would take her skulls and face the punishment of the Doll Maker. How will this end? Will the Doll Maker make good on his promise? Brilliant, dark, sinister and foreboding, this tale is told through dark scenes, brittle dialogue and the desperate actions of a child alone. She is a nameless entity, portrayed with a mind that is always working, perhaps far beyond her years. Paris Singer has created a world full of the ashes of evil while giving life to a tale of an abused child with little hope, except for that one promise. This is not a simmering fairytale world, but one that is filled with horror and evil. Paris Singer has penned a dark and ominous tale for those who like to travel in the shadows where things go bump in the night. Prepare for the chills, the smell of fear, dirt and death and picture it through the eyes of a child. Dark fantasy at its grimmest.

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