Shrouded Memory

Mystery & Thrillers

By Krista Wagner

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Krista Wagner

Krista Wagner
A mother of three and wife of TJ, Krista has been writing since she was seven. She started out writing songs and plays and then graduated to poetry during her teen years. In high school, she was on the staff of her literary magazine, co-authored her own zine, and began to write numerous More...



What You Don't Remember Can Hurt You

After surviving a shark attack, Marine Biologist Rian Field becomes haunted by disturbing memories of a past traumatic incident and begins to suspect that the assailants may be those closest to her. But more chilling is her fear that they are somehow connected to the shark attack and want her dead. Rian must overcome her fear of sharks and uncover the truth before the past drags her into its shadows.

Partly based on a trauma I experienced, the novel deals with the realities of PTSD and overcoming traumatic events

"The whole novel is filled with tremendous twists and turns around every corner. Readers, keep your mind open and don’t try to figure things out. Chances are, you’ll be shocked regardless. But it’s more fun to watch the events unfold before your eyes. " C.H.B. Reviews