Beneath the Wall of Wonders

Beneath the Wall of Wonders

ABOUT James Trimboli

James Trimboli
James Trimboli is a screenplay writer, actor, stilt walker, movie maker and first-time author at the age of sixteen at the time of writing his first novel. He is a Christian, and his hobbies include playing the piano, making movies, as well as acting in them and also featuring in TV commer More...


For Marie finding the perfect home for her family and herself was a dream come true, well that's what she thought until strange circumstances turned her world upside down.

Upon moving into the unique old house, they thought all their dreams had come true, especially when they found the antique necklace hidden deep within the walls in a secret compartment.

Little did she know that this would trigger a chain of events which would change her life forever and send her on a journey of adventure, sorrow and discovery and put her on a mission to restore humanity before all is lost.