The Book of Noah: 3:21

ABOUT G. Eric Francis

G. Eric Francis
I was born and raised in NY, a hard-core Yankee and Giants fan.  I have been writing stories since I was 8 years old, my ultimate dream originally writing movies, which I love to go to.  Instead, I found that I was better in making people laugh and think via the written word instead. I  More...


“What an inspirational story of a family with so many strikes against them.”

“This book made me laugh through their crazy life issues and cry through their serious life struggles.”

“A Book For Noah was a difficult read at times. When you become emotionally invested in people and their struggles their pain can feel like your pain and their triumphs can feel like your triumphs. The author of this book has created a memoir that is both touching and brutally honest about parenting a special needs child.”

"The Book of Noah" is a journal of the first 10 years of the life Noah Gregory, a child born with Down Syndrome before later developing (or given) Autism. Told by his father (with contributions from an online blog written by his mother) the book attempts to give an inside picture of how a child born with permanent disadvantages affects everyone him...for better or worse.

Flipping back and forth between crucial events in his life, the reader sees Noah in the raw, getting to know him as he makes his way through his life with many a smile, as well as frustrations that he nor his family can't quite figure out (yet) how to solve.

With a lot of humor and brutal honesty, the book wants to reach and teach the reader, giving a voice to other parents who can understand the struggle and the joys of raising a child with special needs that others may not have to face. Its goal is to teach others that what you may see in public may not be the entire story.


I am the father of a special needs child, a wonderful boy named Noah, who has the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. A friend of mine, who always read about my social media posts about the ups and downs of raising him suggested that I write a book about it. I have self-published 4 other books before this, and since my strength was fiction, I didn't think I could write such a thing. However as soon as I decided to give it a go, it was like therapy for me. I wanted to write something that other parents could relate to, without sugarcoating the hardships raising a son like Noah brings on a daily basis. I also wanted to help organizations here where I live as well as across the world by donating 25% of my net proceeds to programs and research that help people like my boy. It is my hope that this book entertains, enlightens, and teaches those who may think these kids are a burden (or worse) as well as lift up those who have people like this in their lives, letting them know that they are survivors, and their kids are truly a gift.