Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company's Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible

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Gregory  Diehl



“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” Steve Forbes

Does your business have a story to tell? It should! Every new product can be unique in its industry. Does yours stand out from the crowd?

After a life of exploring the way people exchange value in over 35 countries, Diehl teaches business owners how to have conversations about brand strategy. In Brand Identity Breakthrough, you will learn the importance of having a strong business identity. If you can combine aspects of your brand’s personality and values with the functionality of your products, you can become irreplaceable to your audience.

Whether you lead a growing company, or in the process of learning how to start a business, Brand Identity Breakthrough will give you a smarter way to think about new product development and business model generation. With undeniable, well-organized logic, it will show you how anyone can sell more and justify higher prices when they give customers exactly what they want.

It’s time to embrace a smarter way to show your brand to the world. Brand Identity Breakthrough will provide invaluable advice in many important areas:

• Learn how to build a unique selling proposition for your product
• Learn the best methods for how to sell a product to customers in any market demographic, and anywhere in the world.
• Overcome the sales learning curve, and sell products in both physical and online marketplaces.

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Early Praise

"After reading this book I was actually shocked; I had been doing so many of the “Do Nots”! I consider this book MANDATORY reading for all creators, regardless of what phase you may be in. And especially for the Tim Ferris 4hwwk crowd, like myself, this book is a wake-up call, as well as a hyper-important tool in your toolbox."
Eric Z,

“If you want your business to stand out from the crowd and have a solid vision for success, you need an avatar and a story. Brand Identity Breakthrough shares relatable stories about how to choose your customers while your competitors' leave that important decision to their clients. You can choose better clients and more control of your life.”
Andrew Henderson, founder of Nomad Capitalist

"To me, Brand Identity Breakthrough is one of the best pieces of literature for every entrepreneur out there."
Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, founder of Africa Youth Peace Call - Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp

"Brand Identity Breakthrough is beautifully logical in its organization, introducing every new topic at just the right point to make sense in the context of what has already been explained. That’s a remarkable achievement! As soon as I got past the first few pages, I realized that this book is, indeed, a work of quality with something original and truly valuable to say."
Time Coulter, founder of Getting Around Turkey

"Brand Identity Breakthrough and its author have helped me manage my marketing, identify my message and draft a whole new brand identity. I am extremely grateful for the huge changes they've brought to my global business."
Olivier Wagner, founder of 1040 Abroad

“From the moment I started this book, there was value bomb after value bomb after value bomb. I was blown away by the detailed knowledge that I picked out from Brand Identity Breakthrough. Highly recommend read!”
Chris P. Reynolds, founder of The DC Entrepreneur House and The One Effect