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Damian Light



A somewhat ordinary day in a rigid society turns amok, when Hamilton Key decides he wants to answer back against the higher authority. Even his bad guy boss is not able to do anything but succumb to the alien forces that are taking over the planet.
When Hamilton escapes on a holiday after a bad interaction at work, he finds he may be the only one who can save him from the peril to come. He is one of few who will survive this alien invasion and a near apocalypse.
He must choose between saving others and getting caught, or trying to find a way to escape for all and everybody.
His journey leads him to discover answers in places he never before imagined, as he encounters destruction and rebellion on every corner and at every turn. He then finds a way of rebelling against the armies and slavery that may be unfolding. Beings from other planets gather to meet as beings beneath the earth's surface to take what humanity was offering them, without knowing what humanity would do if it happened to stick together.
This Sci Fi Thriller will expand your mind into new realms and places that it had never dreamed of before. Come, take a chance at a wild journey of one man, whom you may never forget.