The Land Of Cannabis

The Land Of Cannabis

ABOUT Hicham El Harrak

Hicham El Harrak



When he finished his studies, and graduated in Spanish Literature, Mohammed dreamt of a job and a promising future. Unfortunately, his dreams were broken quickly, as he was unable to find a job, because nepotism was rife everywhere. His decision to go to Sumatha, his father's homeland, to grow cannabis, was strongly opposed by his mother; notwithstanding, he insisted on taking this risky step because the future was unknown, and little can be done to secure one. In his dull and routinely life of a cultivator of cannabis, he will come across a distinguished dealer of cannabis who will introduce him into a new world, and opened to him the doors of the illegal trade. But, will he succeed in the first test? Will he live in peace as he did before converting into a real cannabis taycoon? A conflict with Ben Aisha, his rival in the area, was bitter and violent. Will he be able to confront ben Aisha?