The Journey of Ruthie Belle

General Fiction

By Imani Wisdom

Publisher : Pink Noire Publications, LLC

ABOUT Imani Wisdom

Imani Wisdom
Imani Wisdom is the founder of Pink Noire Publications.  Based in Indianapolis, IN, Pink Noire is a groundbreaking company with an unpredictable brand of literary storytelling.   Wisdom is also the creator of Pink Noire Blog, which hosts inspirational posts for the soul, along with soc More...



The meek, Ruthie Belle dreams of one day being free from her husband’s constant mental and physical torment, until one day she finds the courage to break free from his bondage. Even though the plan goes without a hitch, Ruthie spends the rest of her life riddled in guilt and shame. Later at the ripe age of 103, Ruthie discovers forgiveness and redemption are a part of everyday journeys.

During her pilgrimage, she meets people from her past and makes new and important friends to help her heal and to find understanding. Yet the further into her journey, the darker it gets. Ruthie discovers things aren’t the way it seems when her shame comes back for his revenge – her husband. Will new revelations keep her from her pursuit to redemption? Or will the haunting of her past stop her cold in her tracks?

The Journey of Ruthie Belle is the prequel from Imani Wisdom's novelette, Zion's Road. In this narrative, Ruthie Belle makes her introduction as the grandmother witnessing a horrific event that has shaped the plot to the current novel. Both stories convey a honest portrayal of redemption and forgiveness. What better place to discover your actual "truths"? Is Zion's Road.

Journey - an act of traveling from one place to another. That is exactly what Imani Wisdom takes you on in the book " The Journey of Ruthie Belle." From the first page to the last you are captivated by the one decision Ruthie makes that changes her life and takes you on her journey a somewhat spiritual journey. Of course, we all have a storied past; memories that we most certainly wish we could forget however In order for Ruthie to move forward she must revisit those memories. 5 stars.