The Little Book of Joe's Sh!t Life (The Little Book Series) (Volume 1)

The Little Book of Joe's Sh!t Life (The Little Book Series) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Kevin G Hare

Kevin G Hare
I want to be a writer when I grow up. That's an interesting statement because at the time of this profile writing, I am 46. I've had many jobs and developed a few skills over the years but I was never really happy at any of them because, it never cemented into my psyche until recently, I a More...



Joe is an average Alberta oilfield worker who gets laid off and wonders what he will do next. He begins to question the system and why it is so unfair and starts to learn why. This is not a dramatic story, it is a tell-it-like-it-is, sometimes witty, sometimes angry explanation of his findings. Taking a look at the condition of our lives, we cannot all say with complete honesty that our existence is not full of crap. Crappy attitude, crappy lifestyle, crappy job, crappy outlook... we vent all that on social media ignoring the fact that social media could, and should, be a means of bringing the world closer together. It's our outlook and reactions to moment-to-moment events that shape who we are and how we develop as human beings and over the last couple of centuries, we have become a more miserable, opinionated, self-centred and entitled species who have lost the essential defining property of what it is to be human - humanity. A quality driven out of us by a relentless system that works to separate and control through fear and oppression. It may not be as obvious on the surface but when we look behind the curtain, we see the true face of our demise. Joe's Sh!t Life addresses this concern by offering a blunt and witty eye-opener to this disturbing reality, thoughts on why it happened and ideas on how we can shift our perspective back to the natural order of our true potential. We are all equally worth so much more, we are full of so much more - than crap. Why we chose to bury such value for the empty promise of fulfillment through disparagement of others is the true growing threat in civilization. How do we wipe it clean?