Shaded dreams and hazy days: the frayed journeys of a psychotic mind

Self-Help and Personal Development, Health, Mind & Body, Poetry

By Hamza Matar

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ABOUT Hamza Matar

Hamza Matar



Psychosis In 2010 I decided to face my mental illness and start some treatment. For the next three years I traveled a long, arduous road to some kind of balance, some form of recovery. I had to wrap my mind around the reality what I would be on some kind of drug for this condition, for the rest of my life. But I’m still here, fighting for my life! It is a long fight, and I promise to cheat death every way possible, and win with life in every way possible. I promise to be an example for drug addicts and psychosis patients. There is hope. We must stay strong. Medicine and writing give me balance, give me reason, and instill in me an abundance of hope. Yet the struggle continues.

daily struggle with psychosis