Anomaly of the Red Lark Cafe`

ABOUT Victoria Roberts Siczak

Victoria Roberts Siczak
If you love mystery and suspense mixed in with a little paranormal phenomena...then listen to this weird story.  Yes...I'm a wife. mother, grandmother, and author of thrillers and unexplainable tales and journeys. 



Kindred souls become intertwined with each other for lifetimes, and past life memories often are revealed through dreams. Plagued by reoccurring dreams since childhood, Cat and Duke are given a chance to find out what their haunting visions mean, by journeying back into the era of the Civil War.
A small café in Tennessee contains a mystic avenue of an extraordinary magic, mystique and spiritualism. With the help of the owner Cherokee Charlie and other unique mysterious people, they endeavor to find the meaning of their existence. However there are unforeseen dangers not only from enemy soldiers, renegade Indians and mountain men, there is also an entity the Cherokee call a Shadow Walker. This shadowy shape shifter wants what it has not of its own...their souls!