The Happy Winter Guide: Use 7 Hygge Strategies & Your Happiness Superpower to Defeat Winter Blues

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Jeanine Byers
Lifestyle blogger, certified extreme self-care coach, spiritual director, author of Hygge Homeschooling, The Happy Winter Guide, and The Santa Spiritual Practice. I'm also a homechooling mom with a cookie habit.


"Hygge is the light in the darkness which carries us through 6 cold winter months, and it has done so for more than a thousand years." -Marie Tourell Soderberg

Do you dread winter because of winter blues?

This book offers 7 cozy but powerful hygge strategies that will make each winter easier and help you defeat the difficult winter blues symptoms you experience. You also will find a listing of companion pages on the author's website for several of these strategies that will provide video information you can use to guide your own winter plan.

Each section of the book offers questions for reflection so that you can personalize each strategy and think through how you plan to make it work in your own life. There are practical ways to use each hygge strategy and suggestions you can use to increase the hygge experience for each one.

"Hygge is about an atmosphere & an experience. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world & can let our guard down." -The Little Book of Hygge, Meik Wiking

And it is from that warm place that you can put together your own plan for defeating winter blues, using this book. So find the most cozy spot in your home, sit down with a cup of your favorite tea, light a candle and place it nearby so you can enjoy its scent as you begin to dream of how you'll fight winter blues and win.