Down Deep and Out of Time

Down Deep and Out of Time

ABOUT Don Menya

Don Menya



“WE HAVE A SUBMARINE DOWN INSIDE NORTH KOREA!” is the dreaded phone call no President of the United States wants to receive.
Captain Neil Rasmussen is a living legend and a national hero. In support of a covert National Security Agency (NSA) - sponsored mission, the decorated but over confident captain chooses to take his guided missile submarine, the USS Hunley, with a crew of 153, deep into North Korea’s Nampo Harbor.
What the captain does not expect is a deadly surprise that will put in jeopardy the lives of his crew and lead to the potential surrender of America’s most advanced weapon of war to its long-time adversary.
Captain Darius Jackson is a driven African-American naval officer in command of USS John Paul Jones. Captain Jackson is determined to make his mark in the Navy and hopefully become a flag officer despite early career setbacks and a major combat-related physical handicap obtained during his youthful time serving as a Navy SEAL.
From the beginning of the book, a damaging and contentious relationship develops between the two commanding officers, which leads to a situation where there is no love lost between them.
But when Captain Rasmussen’s submarine goes down deep inside North Korea’s territorial waters, his only potential savior will be the man he has persistently denigrated and undermined.
In these two very different characters, Don redefines the meaning of the word ‘hero’ against an unsympathetic backdrop of challenging operational military life.
Don has penned an exciting, action-packed, military thriller that, in a work of fiction, incorporates the very real and dangerous threats to world peace posed by nations like North Korea and Iran that are determined to develop offensive nuclear weapons, and the oftentimes futile and costly attempts by the United States and the international community to stop them.