Passion for Success: New steps to find your path in the life, build your confidence & create a master plan for your life.

ABOUT Ahmed Haikal

Ahmed Haikal
My name is Ahmed Haikal. I am 4th year medical student. I have many hobbies like reading, travelling and drawing! I have a dream to help many people through my life. I speak two languages and I am learning Chinese.



Do you have the confidence to make a difference in your entire life? Do you know what motivates and gets you going but you don’t know why you cannot move? In this book, you will know. You will find the answers for all these questions and much more besides! When you discover your passion, you realize your art, which distinguishes you from others, which will also make you outside the classification and not comparable... The first idea in this book revolves around the main reasons and obstacles that prevent decision-making. The decision which will transform your entire life The second idea we will shed light together on the lives of some of the characters who were in your position and they became turning points in the course of history to assure you that the inevitability of failure in our lives is the driving force and not our enemy. The most important idea is the last idea in the book, the steps that we will take together to reach your passion, which are sure steps. Before you begin to read this book, I would like to point out that the usefulness of the book will only be achieved if there is a definite decision and the urgent need for change. Through that, We will have the time to talk about Confidence as a vital element you need after finding your passion. We will know how to build our confidence. We also will talk about Personality and how to strengthen our personality. As it’s a highly recommended subject in the process of success, we will go into this idea. In the end, We will learn how to make an effective master plan for our lives. That’s a complete package. See you on the top!