ABOUT Ashraf A.

Ashraf A.



The book tells you the love story of a man with a cancer patient living in an isolated medical facility. Their love of life and the sorrow of pain and their hearts are filled with fears of loneliness in a dying dark world. Everything in this book is written in the binary form and it will be comfortable to the human readers. Group of male and female sentences paired together to form a binary literature like the true love of two human beings. Two lovers who are far away from each other. They cannot touch or see one another because of the unforgivable reality of their world but the love within the heart is deeper than thousand oceans that their souls will die crying without the true love of life.

A part of the book:
I am staring at the ceiling and imagining my own lifeless body hanging there. Do you know how hard it is for a man to imagine his own dead body hanging on the ceiling? You don’t know that. No one can know that...

The total number of words in the entire book is exactly 23333 which is a unique prime number and also a prime time in all the timelines.