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The spiritual part of living (spiritual world) is the Origin of every being, and every life started in the spirit’s realm and came to be seen in the physical world. That means, the spiritual world controls the physical existence whether from the rejected side (dark world) or from the obedience side (Glorious world).
This book “Beyond Human Brain“ is a “showed “ message that has come to resurface the inner part of man’s existence the side of your real identity which controls the envelope (your outer body) the cover of your spirit (inner man). 
 In heaven the throne of God is full of God’s Glory, this Glory is God, which in human term or language is the “Holy spirit‘ at that throne comes a voice, (Revelation 21:3) this voice is the living words of God which communicates to heavenly creatures, in the earthly term this word is “Jesus Christ“  the son of God,  even "if", God's word (Jesus Christ) And His presence (the Holy spirit) has personalities it does not mean God has a son from a physical perspective as others think, this was a title  God gave to His words (Jesus Christ) so earthly people can understand things from the physical perspective by using earthly terms and languages, Jesus Christ is the true Son of God, in our language and terms but in heaven He is the speaking voice of God, He planned His word so we can see Him through Jesus Christ (John 14:6-12) and the same voice, Same word Created the universe (Genesis 1:2-28, John 1:1) and shall judge the entire world (Revelation 21:2-3, 21:21-22) His word in human form Jesus Christ shall judge His households) God the father the source of His existence shall Judge the entire world those outside the living word Jesus Christ " this " the final Judgment.
God is a spirit, a spirit has no physical identity and Can't be  described  God can be any form to fit any color, language, and tribe to communicate to His creatures. Physical languages and tribes are for mortals you need not be a Hebrew or Jew to pray. Whether Indian, China, Greek, Jew, American, European or African whoever be in Christ is Christ‘ image. God gave different tribes and languages so in your language you can call His word Jesus Christ and communicate to Him, that’s why we speak in tongues the heaven language not for the man to understand but your spirit communicates to God, (2 Corinthians 14:2-3, 14:28). Whether you are physical Jew or spiritual Jew, it matter not Christ is the living words and anyone in Christ is Christ’s image.