"The study guide" The 21 st Century Bible (Newly Testament)

The study guide The 21 st Century Bible (Newly Testament)

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“The study guide “The 21 St Century Bible (Newly Testament) is a completion and fulfillments of both the Old and New testaments. Its uniqueness from published Bibles is the divine demarcation between Old, New and Newly testament the main part.It has detailed the law, parables and “showed” pictured words and mysteries spoke by our Lord Jesus Christ which was and still difficult for outsiders (people with no Christ) to understand. The book has shortened the long length of the Biblical view of understanding, from Genesis to Revelation each book, chapter and verse specified to whom it concerned and how it pictured to present day living. That’s why, no one can or will learn Bible and it’s divine principles by reading each chapter and verse but only through understanding the secret behind God’s spiritual and physical creation plans which are different periods and times. That’s a reason this book has not taken every account of the earlier experience but only those important occasions relating to His creation plans.(the way people lived during Abraham’s time before the law was given differs from Mose’s time after the law was given and people of today’s world must live the same life that of Abraham’s time and not Mose’s time because Christ is the replace of the rules)The Old testament presented Jesus Christ in shadows because the children of Israel were outside the body of Christ, (1 Corinthians 10:3-5). The New testament from Mathews to John had only introduced the life of Jesus Christ which the books of the law, Major and minor prophets spoke in shadows. Early converted experienced this newly life [the living word, the promised land, the mansion, Jesus Christ which was a shadow of the land Cannan which God promised to the children of Israel.Letters (books) of Apostle Paul and others from Romans to Jude were centred upon three different people, 50% words where for the Jews only, those of northern (the Samaritans or mixed Jews) and those of southern (pure Jews) 30% words where for their enemies and 20% words for spiritual Jews (Gentiles). Now because of “not unlikely“ the secret behind God’s spiritual and physical creation plans, present day Church is operating the same as in the days of Mose‘s time, as in the days of Apostle Paul‘s time where the Romans, Ephesians and Colossian first received the Good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.This book wants to tell you that Christ is been preached to two different people those with and with no Christ. Any Church which is under the law has rejected Christ and that Church is under the Jewish traditions and ceremonies and these are outside Christ, they are God’s people though but their salvation will come at an appointed time.We are not Romans who were pagans, neither are we Ephesians who used to save Diana nor are we physical Jews who rejected the living word Jesus Christ but we are spiritual Jews whom Christ spoke in parables. We were saved because of the Jews in return the Jews will be saved through us. Enjoy such insightful message and stay blessed in Jesus' name Amen.