The Elfkin Journals: Blending of the Races

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By James Smith

Publisher : Amazon

The Elfkin Journals: Blending of the Races

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James Smith
First and foremost, JDeVereS is a writer... whether generating 'point papers', 'white papers', technical manuals, training materials, a wide genre of magazine articles... or producing full-length novels... his goal is to improve the communication process... help to draw clearer lines betwe More...



Warder Garith De' Graoin and Doctor Lan De Tian lead a team of "Misfits" on a quest to save their universe from a plague that is sweeping through an entire civilization. Utilizing the power of bonded mind stones, they shape the energies of the universe to reach across time and space seeking out the enemy.

As the most elite team of Warders in the Elfkin Federation... they are assigned the responsibility to enter an alternate universe... find the weakness in the aggressor's system and stop the plague. Unfortunately, the enemy they face possesses genetic mutations that make them the equivalent of 'minor gods'.

Tragically, this team knows that the reason their universe is under attack is the result of their Federation meddling in the affairs of the alternate universe. To win... they must save 'the Mother', defeat a minor god, and restore order to the alternate universe.

What can this tiny team of 7 multi-racial Elfkins do against an entire Empire?

WIN! They either win or two civilizations will devolve into primal chaos.

From their tiny resort camp on the third planet from a minor sun... they must embark on a journey that does not understand the concept of time as a linear progression. They must win a battle using the curvature of time and the energies of two universal sources.

In this battle there is no safeplace to hide... your dreams, your future, your past... even the shadows of the night are all susceptible to attack.
“There is really nothing else Ramas and I can teach you in preparation for this challenge… our chances of success will depend more on your brains rather than your swords.” Garith panned a slow, hard-eyed, look across the team… then shaped a small smile. “Remember, all you have to do is defeat a minor God!”
“Okay – when I open the gate… you go!” Garith’s mind stone flared… his hands shaping an intricate pattern, duplicating the images formed in his mind, as he carefully opened the ‘lightway’ that would take this team to the rebel leaders.

“Dell r’… get ‘em in there…” The ‘lightway’ flared as five shadowed figures moved toward the gate.

Ramas watched as Dell r’ rushed through first… his great sword in a neutral position… not threatening… but instantly ready for action. A mountain of iron hard muscle… with arms like braided steel… flaxen hair tied back in a tight braid… facial features locked in a grim battle-set.

Ramas chuckled as he thought quietly to himself. “Bet that look will put the rebel leaders in line really quick.”

“The stars be with you!” Ramas patted Rison on the shoulder as he stepped through with Muirisc tight by his side.
“The stars be with you!” In the darkness of the chamber, Ramas reached out with one hand to encourage the final two travelers. He knew that the Council had assigned a ‘protector’ class warrior to the team at the last moment but he had not yet seen the man in person. There had not been enough time to check every detail of every plan… at some point he had to trust the judgement of other personnel. Briefly glimpsed intelligence reports indicated that he was some kind of giant Elf with archaic armor straight from the legends of ancient times.

“Whoa! What was that…?” As the warrior surged passed, supporting the ‘ailing’ Ala, Ramas’ hand brushed the ‘protector’s’ armor. Instantly, his hand recoiled as if struck by a strong shock. Less than one second later both figures were gone and the gateway closed.
“Interesting…” Ramas pursed his lips in a moment of thought… his features totally neutral. “The wheel turns as the wheel turns… I must rethink some of our plans.”
In the tradition of Tolkien and Asimov this novel invites you to step into new worlds of thought!

First and foremost, JDeVereS is a writer - whether producing 'point papers', 'white papers', technical manuals, a wide genre of magazine articles or writing full-length novels... he writes! "The Elfkin Journals: Blending of the Races" is the first in an intended trilogy that seeks to draw clearer lines between 'good and evil'. At the core... this trilogy reinforces the old adage that "power corrupts... absolute power corrupts absolutely!" In the tradition of so many pioneering science fiction and fantasy authors... the author seeks to enlighten without lecturing... teach without rhetoric... and entertain while still drawing clear lines between the important things in Life! "The only lasting treasures are those you can hold with your heart... not your hands!" JDeVereS