Hide & Seek: Random Reflections and Encounters of a Wandering Mind

Hide & Seek: Random Reflections and Encounters of a Wandering Mind

ABOUT Suman Sharma

Suman Sharma



"All of us involuntarily play hide and seek in our emotional lives. We tend to hide love, jealousy, anger, or sadness for some valid reasons and seek, inside and outside, something beyond our reach and lost in this vast world.

Hide and Seek is a collection of poems that reflect on relationships, mundane affairs, dreams, aspirations and sweet and sour chance meetings in the life. A few poems are a fusion of engineering and literature. As always, two prominent emotions of love and hatred, are often portrayed.

Can love be programmed?

Can envy be flow charted?

Can anger be modelled?

Can a lie hide the truth?

“Ready or not, here I come with my poems!”

Play a humble game and enter the realm of poetry to put reins to your wandering mind. Ride the roller coaster of life and have chance encounters of different kind. Bridge the gap between dream and reality. No bar on day dreaming. No complicated tough words and rules. Hear no evil. Beware of myths, dark web and the delusion of charlatans. You will also like to splash in puddles of humour, sometimes but not always.

Finally, your conscience will be free from robotic control.

So, enjoy my maiden and modest effort! "