ABOUT Taanya Kapur

Taanya Kapur
I am 17 years old and have published my first book at age 16. It is about battlign basic teenage issues that we all face from both first and second hand excepriences. Like  a yellow page for teenage problems. 


" My thoughts are a mess, nothing is great and I don't know what to do... But I don't want to explain it all to you " The Average teen struggles to externalise, share or explain the complex issues they often grapple with. Teenagers are 'stuck in the middle,' where they understand more than children, but are not as emotionally mature as young adults. As a result, they tend to magnify and interpret all their issues in a distorted and confusing manner. This book thus shares a 16 year old's unique perspective about teenage problems, in an attempt to help simplify and unscramble the thoughts of a teenage mind.