Imperfection: The Benefits of Not Being Perfect

Imperfection: The Benefits of Not Being Perfect

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Felicitas Binan



This book has actionable information on how to make the most of your imperfections. We live in a world where we are always quick to chastise ourselves for the daily goals we fail to achieve and the many mistakes we make in our daily lives, a world where we want everything about the persons we are and the lives we live to be perfect. Unknown to us is the fact that a perfect life is a pipe dream: something even the most fortunate people in the world do not have. Think of it this way. Perhaps like most people, you believe that the more money you had in your bank account, the perfect your life would be, or perhaps the more free time you had, the happier you would be. That is not the case. The world has many people who have tons of money in their bank and their lives are far from perfect. We also have tons of people who have so much free time that they know not what to do with it and yet, their lives are far from happy or perfect. Perfection, that ever so elusive undertaking, is something you are better off not pursuing because other than being elusive, wanting everything about your life to be perfect is a recipe for disaster and an unhappy, unfulfilled, and regretful life. In this guide, we shall look at the harm caused by perfectionism and thereafter discuss why you should embrace imperfection as your best friend. We shall even go a step further and discuss how you can embrace imperfection.