Success Belongs To You Take Charge Now!

ABOUT Trecell Richards

Trecell Richards
Trecell Richards graduated with a distinction in the Computer Information System program at the Okanagan College. She enjoys writing, socializing, reading, building websites and softwares. When it comes to writing, Trecell enjoys writing about topics that can help improve the life of other More...



Did you know that you are the Cheif Executive Officer of your life? Yes, you are! Think about it.
What is the role of a CEO? A CEO is a highest-ranking person in a company, ultimately responsible for making managerial decisions.

Nothing will change in your life unless you change it. If you desire to change any area of your life, the onus is on you to create and execute a plan that will warrant the changes you desire.

The book entitled "Success belongs to you take charge Now!" provide principles to improve the academic area of your life.
This book contains principles that were used throughout my academic journey that allows me to graduate with distinction and a reoccurrence recipient on the Deans list.

Because success belongs to you take charge now!