I Am Not the Messiah!: Mr Z Tells All

I Am Not the Messiah!: Mr Z Tells All

ABOUT James Sinclaire

James Sinclaire


I am not the Messiah!

Mr Zootherapy tells all
I am not the Messiah is the intriguing memoir of James Sinclaire, otherwise known as Mr Zootherapy. In his own words, Sinclaire tells us for the first time about the Gorillagram that started it all off, his brief marriage, and his life in New Zealand, culminating in, and going beyond, the dramatic shooting that ended his career. But the real star of this book is Zootherapy. This book tells us how it started and evolved, and how it became the force that it is today.

Most of the action takes place in New Zealand but this memoir alludes to universal psychological and philosophical themes. It can be read as a self-help manual and no knowledge of Zootherapy is assumed.