Three Deadly Sisters (Three Deadly Sisters Series Book 1)

ABOUT Safa Shaqsy

Safa Shaqsy
Safa Shaqsy is an author of the bestselling book, Alien Busters series. She graduated from a business college but participated in many writing activities including writing her own stories and poems as she expressed herself through words. Her love for novels started when she got a novel as  More...



Lucy, Emily, and Ella, are Muslim sisters who have dark powers. Abandoned by their real parents when they were babies, they were adopted by a loving family. But love only goes so far. It turns out that they’re witches with the ability to steal souls from anyone they wish with a single touch.

When they were three, their adoptive mother found out about their powers. As they grew older, they wore gloves to protect others from their dark gift—or is it a curse? Only their mother can touch them without being harmed.

Things change when people begin to die under mysterious circumstances, and only their mother knows that the killer is a man of darkness, a man who comes from darkness. It is then that they discover his goal. He’s out to steal their souls and rule the world.