Adjusting To Another Baby: The Planning Stage (Family Planning Book 1)

Adjusting To Another Baby: The Planning Stage (Family Planning Book 1)

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Alexandra Bellorinni



When my husband and I found out we were expecting, again, we totally freaked! We already had three children and this was child number four. We had so many things to think about and most importantly, we had to readjust our mindset and change many plans. Our family had officially earned the title "Large Family."

Not only did we have to worry about the new changes, but also how we had to breakaway from an anti-children American system. In recent years, society has put a negative connotation on the term "Large Family." Recent changes in slow economic growth, and a work only culture has created pressure from society to tell us how we should live our lives, including how many kids we "should" have. This has caused many parents to want to keep their families small.

Maybe your planning on having another baby or you and your spouse have already conceived, but have many questions and worries about what you should do next. This book is a guide to help you and your family readjust your mindset as well as walk you through the many different stages you will now be experiencing as a family and tips to overcome obstacles. This book also challenges the "keep your family small" mentality that our culture is trying to sell us.