The Hunted: Arcane Book One (The Arcane Series 1)

The Hunted: Arcane Book One (The Arcane Series 1)

ABOUT Dawn Gray

Dawn Gray
I am a mother of three and a published author.  I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and Pine Point in Springfield, Massachusetts. I specialize in the paranormal, ghosts, vampires and witchcraft is my main studies.



There are things in this world that can’t be explained by traditional means. In fact, they can't be by any means at all. Then, there are the things which can only be described as magic. It was supposed to be the ultimate road trip, one that would take Melanie Lane across half the continent, connecting her with people, places, and things that she'd only read about, or seen on a movie screen. However, what it got her was the start of an adventure that would change her world.Seven-hundred miles from home, somewhere in Ohio, Rick and Jax Tegan crashed into Mel's life. The brothers pulled her into a world that shouldn’t exist, while protecting her from something which has haunted Mel since she was a child. Unfortunately, with their protection came danger, and she soon found herself caught between the brothers and being hunted.Will they be strong enough to fight the forces pursuing them together, or will it tear them apart?