Encountering God: A New Dimension of God's Glory

Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Fiction

By Jasmine Lagrone

Publisher : Kindle Direct Publishing

ABOUT Jasmine Lagrone

Jasmine Lagrone
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Encountering God: A New Dimension of God’s Glory is one angel’s story about returning to Earth to deliver a message of hope after the Rapture. This fictional account details an angel doing an interview with a reporter to reveal she’s from the future after the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ, as predicted by the New Testament. The angel from Mars in the year 5034, named Jasmine, and the reporter time travel to different places in the book while Jasmine details her history and what she learned before and after leaving Earth. The book also transitions to the story of Mr. Livingston after he falls through a portal that took him to Mars, where there is a civilization in the future. There are also several action scenes where Mr. Livingston, the member of the CIA, travels on a mission to stop terrorist bombings in the Middle East.