A Poor Man's Supper

General Fiction

By Jim Gulledge

Publisher : Deer Hawk Publications

ABOUT Jim Gulledge

Jim Gulledge



A ballad in prose set in the North Carolina mountains about two people, destined to love each other, but forever doomed to be apart… Vancie Keller is trying to survive on her mother’s failing farm when her life is forever altered by the arrival of two men: Josiah Buckland and Jagger Hill. One, she will love, the A other she will marry. Orphaned as a teen, Josiah Buckland came down from the rugged mountains of North Carolina to try to find work and possibly a home. He didn’t expect to find the love of his life. Jagger Hill has secrets of his own. When he comes to town and starts to rebuild, nobody knows him for who he really is, but people will soon learn. Some secrets cannot be kept forever…A tale filled with the beauty of the natural world, faith, song and myth. 

A  Poor Man’s Supper has been selected for inclusion in the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection at Appalachian State University,


On a hot, summer afternoon while attending my Aunt Lois' funeral in South Carolina, I noticed a young boy at the cemetery in a state of extreme grief. Suddenly a voice in my head said, "This is the beginning of the story." Nothing happened for a couple of years, but when it finally did the funeral scene ended up halfway through the book. Also, it was sleeting and winter. That is the mystery of writing.

"This book reads like a ballad.  It could be set to  music even. You can hear the words sing on every page.  You can almost sing them. When the author describes a North Carolina mountain waterfall, you hear it, smell the moss on the rocks, breathe in the mountain air.It's pure poetry and a joy to your senses."

Ruth Moose, The Pilot