Blanks & Blues: My Story Isn't Over Yet

ABOUT Misbah Khan

Misbah Khan

Misbah is a carefree and happy-go-lucky person, but also an over thinker known for her interest in blackout poetry. She  More...



The Blanks & Blues is a coming of age story. But it's not just a story for youngsters. Noor, the only child of her parents, experiences life-changing events during her childhood. Circumstances beyond her control. Searching for answers, she finds her catharsis in storytelling in verse. Looking for answers to her devastated life, she eventually finds the courage that would help her define her destiny.

The story moves between Nainital and Delhi, and eventually to Canada, in an interesting non-linear narrative. The novel explores gender dynamics, orthodoxy, homophobia, plagiarism and other contemporary subjects viewed and understood from a young female character's perspective.