The Bushido Way a Sam Phillips Mystery

ABOUT M. Anthony Phillips

m. anthony phillips
Michael Anthony Phillips was born in St. Louis, Missouri on July 20, 1961. His father worked as a Private Investigator and was an avid classic movie watcher who kept Michael up late at night watching movies with him. As a kid Michael and his brother Sam stayed up late nights listening to t More...



M. Anthony Phillips presents the debut of his hot new Private Detective series. Vietnam veteran Sam Phillips follows in the footsteps of his father into the world of private investigations. It’s the end of the Vietnam War in 1976 during the Fall of Siagon and a battle-worn Sam has just taken over his father’s company after his death.

With his office above a seedy bar off Hollywood and Vine, Sam and his new assistant Constance Turner go weeks before they land their first case. With the help of his troubled friend Armstrong Jones—fresh out of prison for nearly killing two men, they are paid by an old friend Michelle Yamada of protecting her little brother Ken, a Yakuza gang member being hunted by a rival gang, the Yokohama Black Rebels who killed their father—a crime boss. Chasing Ken is the notorious boss Hiroshi Ito, a sadistic killer like no other who has killed nearly all the Yakuza bosses in Little Tokyo.

Hiroshi is a major thorn to the LAPD, led by Capt. Pierpont who is often pressured to capture the notorious leader.

 In the meantime, Sam finds out he’s the father of a five-year-old Amerasian kid from Vietnam—dropped off at his doorstep in the middle of the afternoon. In protecting Ken, people close to Sam are getting killed off, including detective friends who are trying to capture Hiroshi for murder. When things start to not add up about Ken, Sam and Armstrong begin to wonder if they’re being played the fool. With the body count adding up and Hiroshi getting closer to his target, Sam and Armstrong must go on the offensive before it’s too late.

Sam Phillips, returning home from Vietnam after the fall of Siagon, takes over from his father's business as a private eye and his first case is protecting a family friend's brother from the Japanese Mafia.