Living The Overcoming Life: Practical Principles For Overcoming Life's Challenges

Living The Overcoming Life: Practical Principles For Overcoming Life's Challenges

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This book, Living The Overcoming Life is about life where the rubber meets the road.  It is about practical strategies for overcoming life’s real challenges.  The book presents overcoming strategies for issues such as rejection, misunderstanding, impatience, negative thinking, unforgiveness, envy and revenge to mention a few.  All principles are drawn from the life of Jesus Christ as an overcomer showing how those principles are applicable to us today.  The reality is that everybody faces a challenge at some time or many times in life.  Many, if not most people are facing a challenge or problem of some kind right now.  Some people respond to problems by committing suicide, killing somebody, separating from their marriage partner, running away from home, taking out their problem on somebody else, withdrawing or committing a number of erratic or destructive and even self-destructive actions.  They don’t know how to overcome life’s challenges and consequently live a life of total defeat.  However, that does not have to be your experience or even that of people you know.  This book LIVING THE OVERCOMING LIFE: Practical Principles For Overcoming Life's Challenges is an excellent book that deals with facing life’s challenges and OVERCOMING THEM rather than responding negatively as people normally do.  In fact, a single mother testified that “after reading the first few chapters in this powerful book.  It helped her overcome situations with her ex-husband who abandoned her and her children.  She broke down because she was finally able to break the strongholds that were over her life.”