The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia

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By William F. Mann

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT William F. Mann

William F. Mann
William F. Mann, whose late great-uncle was a Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Canada, is the author of The Knights Templar in the New World. He lives in Oakville, Ontario.



Uses the principles of sacred geometry, archaeological evidence, and Native American legend to discover the site of a secret Templar settlement in Nova Scotia

• Offers evidence that Scottish prince Henry Sinclair not only sailed to the New World 100 years before Columbus, but that he also established a refuge there for the Templars fleeing persecution

• Shows that the Grail, the holy bloodline connecting the House of David to the Merovingian dynasty through Jesus and Mary Magdalene, was hidden in the New World

In 1398, almost 100 years before Columbus arrived in the New World, the Scottish prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, sailed to what is today Nova Scotia, where his presence was recorded by Micmac Indian legends about Glooskap. This was the same Prince Henry Sinclair who offered refuge to the Knights Templar fleeing the persecution unleashed against the order by French king Philip the Fair at the beginning of the 14th century. With evidence from archaeological sites, indigenous legend, and sacred geometry handed down by the Templar order to the Freemasons, author William F. Mann has now rediscovered the site of the settlement established by Sinclair and his Templar followers in the New World. Here they found a safe refuge for the Grail--the holy bloodline connecting the House of David to the Merovingian Dynasty through the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene--until the British exiled all the Acadians in 1755.
“A work of insight and discovery of interest to all Masons and seekers of treasures and secrets.”
Andrew Sinclair, author of The Sword and the Grail

“Utterly fascinating reading. Anyone who loves subtle detective stories will be enthralled by Bill Mann’s research.”
Michael Bradley, author of Holy Grail Across the Atlantic

"A mind-expanding investigation involving many disregarded, fascinating historical facts and connections."
Henry Berry, The Midwest Book Review, August 2004

". . . you'll find much to ponder in this very detailed exploration. . . . this is an engaging study--one that definitely belongs on the reading list."

Mark Williams, New Connexions, Mar-Apr 2005

". . . so many fascinating subjects are woven into this book that it could serve as a study guide of esoteric topics."

Janet Brennan, Fate, Nov 2004

"I recommend it especially to those who have an interest in the Knights Templar."

Michelle Hilton, Circle of Stones, July 2004

“Bill Mann blends Pythagorean geometry, hermetic wisdom, and secrets of Freemasonry to reveal a blueprint to the final resting place of the Holy Grail. From the Tarot to Tolkien, from Medieval France to modern day Nova Scotia, the reader is initiated into mysteries often hidden in plain sight.”
Steven Sora, author of The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar