ABOUT Keri Wilcox

Keri Wilcox
Author Keri Lynn discovered her love for writing before she’d even completed kindergarten, and that passion has only grown over the years. When the Wisconsin born writer isn’t busy creating new worlds, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, writing music, and spending time wit More...



When Princess Jade is mistakenly kidnapped by Robin, the most notorious thief in all the land, she finds herself not only falling in love with her captor, but also with his cause. As she learns to live the life of a peasant in a village hidden in the middle of the Endless Wood, she must be careful not to reveal a secret that could unravel her new life and destroy the lives of those around her.Bryon, the village’s healer and close friend of Robin, is faced with his own battles as he and his wife Elaine take in an orphaned child and work to keep the peace in the village. When the healer is forced to take up his sword, he finds himself questioning everything he believes.With two kingdoms on the edge of war, the village is only weeks away from disaster, and betrayal, death, and broken hearts have become a way of life. But even as Jade struggles to hide her secret, Robin has his own dark past he refuses to face, and they can only watch as their world is splintered apart when the two meet.Hunted by soldiers, betrayed by those closest, and threatened by starvation, will Robin and Jade’s love survive? Or will it crumble?