Dr. Fauci America's Trojan Horse: Things Could Change

Dr. Fauci America's Trojan Horse: Things Could Change

ABOUT Glenn Madden

Glenn Madden
My full name is Glenn Keith Madden. I was born outside the small town of Ware Shoals South Carolina. I am presently living in Bandung Indonesia.   How we imagine life as a child changes as we grow older. There are many stages in the path. In my experience, each stage comes in ten-year i More...



The biggest secrets Dr. Fauci has not told us revealed. How the control of the flow of information has devastated American lives. The BIG SECRET, the true Trojan Horse of Dr. Anthony Fauci, revealed here.

After starting this book about Dr. Anthony Fauci, I could not help that it branched off considerably into COVID-19. I found so many conflicting messages fed to the public through the mainstream media, often originating from Dr. Fauci. So many secrets revealed along the way. In my research, I found one deadly secret that no one is talking about that is still affecting people every day. The biggest lie and secret of all is yet to be revealed, and through my research, I have found the scientific evidence to prove it.

The COVID-19 continues to spread and infect 50,000 plus Americans every day. Find out why even with vaccines, facemasks, and social distancing in place so many continue to get sick. Find out what else Dr. Anthony Fauci is not telling us that is still killing people all over the world.

Even though I have written the book from a personal perspective, I have done my best to weed out any false information. I used several online fact-checkers, scientific websites, and government websites in cross-referencing their information. I have included both sides of the story and explained it in my own way with scientific evidence that reveals the truth. This book examines how we went wrong early in 2020 and how contradicting information before and in the development stages from various government organizations and Dr. Fauci led to the disaster we have now.

For this book, we are mostly going to deal with recent events, mistakes, and conflicts revolving around Dr. Fauci. In the past year, Dr. Fauci has risen to fame as the go-to doctor of information. The American public and our nation’s leaders take Dr. Fauci seriously. But like anyone, he has faults. But unlike most people, their faults do not affect millions of lives. Dr. Anthony Fauci has made mistakes this past year that have led to the loss of thousands of American lives by his own admittance.

This book may have a few mistakes within it. Information from reliable sources often varies concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. I have done my best to either use the mistakes to support my evidence of misinformation or demonstrate even government agencies are not perfect.