The Light and Shadow Tarot

Excerpts & Samples

By Michael Goepferd

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Michael Goepferd

Michael Goepferd
Illustrator/Author: German-born Michael Goepferd studied with artist Jens Haas before founding the San Francisco-based Fire Thorn Studio. His block prints have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.



Drawing its inspiration from many spiritual traditions, including Celtic, Native American, East Indian, African, Medieval and Renaissance European, The Light and Shadow Tarot is an innovative collection of potent images and interpretations. The striking black-and-white images stress contrast and balance, resolution and completion, while remaining a strong and workable analogue to the traditional Tarot. Crafted with an enduring and haunting authority, this deck brings to light the shadow side of all of us, an essential part of the creative process that leads to growth, movement, and change. 

Brian Williams is the creator of the popular PoMo (Postmodern) Tarot, published by Harper San Francisco

The highly original block prints serve as both works of art and as an illuminating parallel to the accompanying text, which includes a detailed interpretation of each card. 

"Let me put it straight to you: you will do yourself a favor if you hurry up to get hold of a set before they are all gone; there is long between artistic tarot publications of this kind! For a practicing tarotist, this is a deck to gain insight from; for a tarot art collector it is a must."


"I can't say enough good things about this deck, and I literally cannot say one bad thing. It simply breathes, with love and understanding, with humanity."