Meditations with Animals: A Native American Bestiary

Excerpts & Samples

By Gerald Hausman

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

Meditations with Animals: A Native American Bestiary

ABOUT Gerald Hausman

Gerald Hausman
Gerald Hausman, born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1945, grew up in New Jersey and Massachusetts. He graduated from college in New Mexico and continued to live there for two decades. During that time, he had a summer residence on the island of Jamaica where he and his wife, Loretta, founded a  More...



This first bestiary ever compiled from the Native American tradition brings forth sacred animal spirits and reminds us of our deep connection to Mother Earth. Powerful poems and meditations, legends and stories, show the helping and healing roles animals have played since the beginning.
"In this collection of verse and story, we are brought into the primordial community of the universe, the Earth, and all living things."

Thomas Berry, from his introduction