Psiconavegación: Técnicas para viajar más allá del tiempo

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By John Perkins

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT John Perkins

John Perkins
John Perkins has traveled and worked with South American indigenous peoples since 1968. He currently arranges expeditions into the Amazon and has developed the POLE (Pollution Offset Lease on Earth) program with the Shuar and Achuar peoples as a means of preserving their culture against th More...



•  Clearly explains how shamans from different cultures use psychonavigation, or astral travel, to reach both physical destinations and sources of inner wisdom.

•  Describes how to attune with the forces of nature and apply these techniques to improve all areas of life.

This groundbreaking book is the author's firsthand account of his encounters with the Shuar of the Amazon, the Quechua of the Andes, and the Bugis of Indonesia, all of whom use the shamanic technique of psychonavigation--a means of traveling outside the body. Shuar shamans psychonavigate for the purposes of hunting and healing, while the Bugis, among the most renowned sailors in the world, use these techniques to navigate without the aid of charts and compasses. The author explains how these techniques work and how the people of these indigenous cultures psychonavigate to both physical destinations and sources of inner wisdom.

Psychonavigation has been practiced throughout history by highly creative minds such as Beethoven, Jung, and Einstein, and the author describes ways that readers can apply the same techniques to attune with the forces in nature and to attract the inner guidance they seek. Once that guidance is established, psychonavigation can be used for making wise decisions and developing innovative approaches to challenges in all areas of life.

" From the Amazon rain forests to North American boardrooms, John Perkins has used shamanic wisdom to spark cultural changes around the world."

" The book challenges you to think about using this technique in your decision making life, and is helpful as a guide on incorporating an ancient and well-tried natural attunement technique into all you do."
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