Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey

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By Lawrence Blair

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Lawrence Blair

Lawrence Blair
Lawrence Blair is also the author of Rythms of Vision (Destiny Books). He has appeared on television and radio on both sides of the Atlantic and has lectured in psycho-anthropology at University of California.



The true story behind the internationally award-winning PBS television series, Ring of Fire charts the Blair brothers' 10-year journey through the world's largest and least-known archipelago--the islands of Indonesia. Amid seemingly impenetrable rain forests, erupting volcanoes, and unimaginable natural beauty, the brothers hoped to capture on film and in words the customs, beliefs, and wisdom of the islands' inhabitants.

Their odyssey began with a 2,500-mile voyage through the Spice islands, guided by the notorious Bugi pirates, in search of the Greater Bird of Paradise. An entire decade of exploration followed, during which the authors lived among the Asmat cannibal tribe of West New Guinea and the sages and healers of Bali; encountered man-eating dragons of Komodo, and the elusive "dream-wanderers" of Borneo; and learned the legends of starship ancestors in the Clelebes highlands. With extraordinary courage, humor, and passion for the unknown, they draw us into their extraordinary journey to a magical land where ancient myths still flourish.

"Incomparable adventure teeming with thrills, chills, mystery, and the bizarre."

Los Angeles Times

"The striking color photos of the land and people of the many Indonesian islands are complemented by a first-person travelogue which invites readers to explore the variety Indonesia has to offer.The book is every bit as striking as the TV and video versions, and readers partial to the written word will have a lasting impression of the varied journeys of these adventurous brothers."

The Midwest Book Review

"Sets sails and sights for lands as unfamiliar and spectacular as anything dreamed up for a Steven Speilberg movie. Thoroughly fascinating nearly every harrowing step of the way."
Washington Post