A Sacred Sex Devotional: 365 Inspiring Thoughts to Enhance Intimacy

Excerpts & Samples

By Rafael Lorenzo

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Rafael Lorenzo

Rafael Lorenzo



A year's worth of sacred and sensual quotations to inspire and renew love's fires.

• Spans the world's cultures and religious traditions.

• An invaluable resource for couples following the path of Tantric spirituality.

What has happened to the language of lovers? Where are the rich, sensual, erotic, and alluring words that can describe our feelings and emotions? For centuries in cultures throughout the world there have been poetic and evocative words used to express the ecstatic feelings that men and women share in that marvelous and mysterious moment of being in love. For people who want to find their way back to that moment, this book contains inspirations that reveal the sacred tradition of ecstasy in love and sexuality.
This celebration of love contains a vast and diverse body of writings on sacred sexuality from Aboriginal Australia, Celtic Ireland, India, Japan, and China to ancient Greece and Rome and Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe. This treasure trove exalting the powers of love will kindle the fires of romance and offer playful and profound ways to contact the divine through earthly love.

"Is there anything else two beings can do, joined for the moment and forever in the communion of love, besides feel the depths of that mystery and remain silent? This is the point, the marvelous limit, where the Word breaks off, defeated, and the pure act triumphs. Beyond this threshold, no word sounds."
Pierre Mabille

"One night in the darkness, I demanded my heart again from thy tresses. I beheld thy cheek, and drank from the cup of thy mouth. I drew thee quickly to my breast, and thy tresses blazed in flame; I pressed lip to lip, and gave for thy ransom my soul and heart."


"Whatever one loves, one finds everywhere, and everywhere sees resemblances and analogies to it. The greater one's love, the vaster and more meaningful is this analogous world. My beloved is the abbreviation of the universe, the universe an elongation, an extrapolation of my beloved."


"Reads beautifully in one sitting alone, or over several nights in bed with a beloved reading each arousing word."
Diana Rajchel, The Beltane Papers, May 2004