Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits: Shamanic Healing through Contact with the Spirit World

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By Alexandra Leclere

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Alexandra Leclere

Alexandra Leclere
Alexandra Leclere was the president of an international television production and multimedia firm for more than 17 years before discovering her shamanic vocation. She works internationally with clients, and she gives sessions at the Oaks Healing Center in New Rochelle, New York.



Recounts one woman's discovery of her ability to heal through contact with spirits and reveals how others can awaken this same gift in their own lives

• Explains how reconnecting with our inner sense of joy is the first step in healing

• Shows how to rid our life of the traumas from the past that hinder our spiritual development, including unresolved traumas from past lives

• Provides a roadmap that others can use for rediscovering their own connections to the spirit world

Like many others who have discovered that they have a healing vocation, Alexandra Leclere began meeting with other healers and shamans to learn how to put her gift to use. At one of these gatherings she was shocked to find that she was the only one who could see the spirit of a deceased woman that was being honored there--a sign that marked the beginning of a remarkable adventure that taught her how to use her gift for healing herself and others.

Despite the extraordinary powers of clairsentience and clairvoyance revealed to her through her work with the spirit world, Alexandra Leclere shows that the greatest gift she has received since her shamanic awakening is the ability to experience unconditional joy. Often the pain caused by unresolved psychological traumas from the past--including past lives--is the key obstacle restricting access to the powers offered by the spirits. The first step in healing requires reconnecting with the joy that resides within us. Once this connection has been established, we are all capable of restoring our connection to the spirit world. Alexandra Leclere’s story provides a roadmap for finding our way back.

“An exciting personal account of an apprenticeship with the spirits. Alexandra Leclere is wonderfully candid about how to avoid teachers who take our power away, to practice discernment in dealing with psychic energies, and to walk between the worlds in balance and with humor.”
Robert Moss, author of The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead and Dreamways of the Iroquois

"Leclere’s experiences in the paranormal probably won’t raise the hairs on your arm, but her relationships with men--an annoying husband and a hulking, manipulative, self-declared shamanic healer from the Adirondacks--definitely will. It’s a cautionary tale with a happy ending because Leclere got smart. Her difficult experiences led her to profound growth, self-regard, and joy in living."
Eva Yaa Asantewaa

"A remarkable book. . . . In a stunning analysis, [Leclere] shows how every individual is capable of becoming clairvoyant. . . . This book is a sure winner for your paranormal library, and one you might suggest to your local librarian to place in the public library. Topnotch writing, topnotch reading, and topnotch enjoyment best describe this memorable book."
Lee Prosser,, Jan 2006

“. . . a remarkable personal odyssey into the world of shamanic healing.” 
Kathryn Price,, Oct 2006