The Templar Pirates: The Secret Alliance to Build the New Jerusalem

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By Ernesto Frers

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Ernesto Frers

Ernesto Frers
Ernesto Frers is an author specializing in medieval history who has investigated enigmatic and occult subjects for many years. He has published widely in his field, is the author of Templar Pirates and Secret Societies in the Hermetic Code, and also the author of a number of works of ficti More...



The maritime history of the Knights Templar following the Church’s attempt to expunge them in southern France

• Shows that the pirates of legend originated with the Knights Templar’s secret navy

• Reveals the Templars’ secret objective to establish a new universal order based on spirituality, wisdom, and individualism--the New Jerusalem

• Examines the secret history of the Templars’ influence in international politics

When the Vatican condemned the Order of the Temple in 1312, many of those who escaped took to the sea. Their immediate objective was to take revenge on the Church. Recent discoveries confirm that ships of the Templar fleet that went missing at La Rochelle later reappeared--first in the Mediterranean and later in the Atlantic and Caribbean--to menace the Church’s maritime commerce. These Templar vessels often flew the famed Jolly Roger, which took its name from King Roger II of Sicily, a famed Templar who, during a public spat with the Pope in 1127, was the first to fly this flag.

Opportunistic buccaneers were quick to see that vast wealth could be gained in pursuing the Templars’ harassment of the Pope’s interests on the high seas, and they spread a reign of terror across the shipping lanes of the New World. Some unaffiliated pirates, in admiration of the Templar egalitarian ideals, even formed their own secret societies, and together with the Templars were part of the ferment that gave rise to independence movements in France and the New World and contributed to the growth of Freemasonry.

The Templar Pirates is the story of the birth and actual conduct of piracy on the seas of the New World and of the influence the Templars had on their constituents, and, by their wealth, on the governments of nations old and new.
". . . informative and enjoyable . . . . a good read."
Institute of Hermetic Studies, July 2007

". . . author Ernesto Frers takes us into esoteric history that will leave Johnny Depp fans gasping. He tells us that most pirates were either members of the Order of the Temple--that famed nemesis of the Vatican-or formed their own secret societies while taking revenge on ships sponsored by the Vatican and Catholic nations. And there's so much more. A real page-turner!"
Eva Yaa Asantewaa,, June 14, 2007

"Fact, fiction or somewhere in between, Templar Pirates is entertaining to say the least."
Ashé Journal, Vol 6, Issue 1, Spring 2007.