Yantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity

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By Madhu Khanna

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Madhu Khanna

Madhu Khanna
Madhu Khanna is a scholar specializing in both Eastern and Western philosophy. He is coauthor, with Ajit Mookerjee, of The Tantric Way.



The first comprehensive study of the Indian power symbol that allows the individual to take a journey to the primordial center of life

• Highly illustrated exploration of every aspect of the yantra, including its related rituals, sounds, and meditation practices

• Investigates the continued use of the yantra in modern India as a magic talisman

The yantra is both a complex metaphysical symbol and a tool of ritual and meditation. In kundalini yoga, the patterns contained in this metaphysical and geometrical construct correspond to the psychic centers of the subtle body, therefore making the body itself a functioning yantra. In this book, which is the first comprehensive study of the subject, the author provides a step-by-step explanation of the dynamic process wherein the yantra aids the individual in the spiritual journey to return to original wholeness.

Every aspect of this important Indian symbol is explored, from its related sounds, rituals, and use in meditation to its application in traditional temple architecture and sculpture. The author also looks at its continued use in both the “black” and “white” magic traditions of the subcontinent, as well as its power as a talisman.

“A worthy introduction to a noble subject.”
Arts Review

"Yantra explores the dynamics, metaphysics, aesthetics, and ritual importance of yantras."
Yoga Journal, August 2004

"Readers of both Eastern and Western backgrounds will find this book provocative and profoundly informative."
Thomas Peter von Bahr, New Age Retailer, May/June 2004, Vol.18 No.3