49 Marketing Secrets (That Work) to Grow Sales

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By Ronald Finklestein

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

49 Marketing Secrets (That Work) to Grow Sales

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Ronald Finklestein
As a business and technology consultant, coach, speaker, author and Certified Knowledge Manager, Finklestein has both business and technology experience spanning two decades. Finklestein is skilled in many aspects of business and spends a majority of his time coaching and consulting in the More...



49 Marketing Secrets is a book that was conceived to fill the void on marketing books that is tailored to the small business owner. Many of the problems I have solved with my clients are marketing problems: they don't understand marketing, they don't know who to trust, they don't know what to do. The objective of the book is to provide an inexpensive and safe place for mall business owners to turn to receive trusted advice from people who have been there. The book was written by marketing experts and business owner and it describes what they implemented to grow their business. We can all become great marketers. In this book you will discover: 9 Winning Marketing Strategy 8 Branding and Corporate Image Strategies 6 Media Strategies 3 Networking strategies 9 Technology-Based Marketing Strategies 6 Event Strategies 8 Sales Strategies.
"The heavy hitters, the shining stars, the bright lights - all here in this brilliant and enlightening book...Mandatory reading for anyone who loves marketing and profits."