And Our Children Are the Victims

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By Jivani Jivani

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

And Our Children Are the Victims

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Jivani Jivani



Focusing on the daily challenges and struggles of a young woman, who is facing a chronic and debilitating illness while trying to identify the culprit and reason for her sickness. A journey that is experienced often by others in the same dilemma. Jivani uses a personal, honest and direct voice in relating her story accompanied by commentary and style to set the atmosphere and emotions of frustration, uncertainty, disappointment, anger and hope. ...And Our Children Are The Victims deals with "real" health issues and consequences that anyone might find themselves - a victim of unfortunate circumstances, insensitivity, and unfairness. This book is a source of help for others facing similar dilemmas. Readers can identify with Jivani's struggle or are convinced by the evidence she gathers in her story, finds himself rooting for the victim in her search for answers and help.