Dmitri: A Tale of Old and New Russia

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By Olive Jeanfreau Alexander

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Dmitri: A Tale of Old and New Russia

ABOUT Olive Jeanfreau Alexander

Olive Jeanfreau Alexander
Years of reading Russian literature as a young person, a profound appreciation for Russian music-liturgical and classical, and years of prayerful concern for Russia in the 1980s led Olive Jeanfreau Alexander to write Dmitri, a work of historical fiction.



Dmitri gives a compassionate view of the Russian people. It is a representation of aspects of Russian history from about 800 A.D. into the future, as it tells of the experiences of the small purple dragon Dmitri. Dmitri is a symbol of Russia's soul. From the time that Dmitri's egg was laid in Old Russia, down to his hatching in about 1890, the tale proceeds on to his adventures in Kiev. Then the tale takes the small dragon into the Soviet era. The torture and death of Dmitri's friend the priest are described. Afterwards, the small dragon is sent to various Russian military camps. Dmitri himself is tortured by a tank sergeant in the post-Soviet New Russia. But Dmitri has a passion for life, in spite of hardships. He survives a horrific war. Then he flies back to the Old Russia area, which has been completely transformed. The tale ends with a description of a Really New Russia, and its King, and Dmitri's joyful life there.